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Postby opnwhl23 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:19 pm

Racers, The August Shootout was cancelled in the past couple of years due to low car count, low spectator count, and most of all HEAT. The event this year will feature all of our regular shootout classes, including an OT5R points race with bigger payout for Outlaw 10.5 and another try at our new Pro Tree No Box Gamblers Bracket. We are going to try the late start times to try to beat the heat and the track temps. With this being said, it is my sincere hope that our racers and crew chiefs can help me out with a couple of requests. Request 1: Tonight, tell your Mom, your friends, your neighbors, your facebook, your email, and anyone else that you can think of about this event...Come out late and Stay late...We are going to run later in the day for better temps. Request 2: Our biggest spectator complaint is cars not going down the track and cars going down the track alone. Please do all you can to help me out with this. Have the portion of your tech card with the L or R circled in your windshield, be ready to run in the lanes, run in the lane designated by the card, and I will do my best to keep you guys out of the cars until neccesary. Also please plan on shorter turn around times....Depending on car count round times may be as short as an hour. Ralphie will be going trailer to trailer giving a ten minutes till run time notice. Also, if it weezes, sneezes, bangs, barks, squeels, smokes, or does anything else not normal....Please shut off, stop as quickly and safely as possible, and prefferably up close to the guard rail and I and the crew will bust our asses to clean it as fast as possible. Thanks guys for your cooperation.....see everyone tomorow!! AL
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Postby Kimmis » Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:25 pm

thanks Al, were not gonna make it, still waiting on parts, :bang:

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