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BBC, Chevy & Miscellaneous Parts For Sale/Bid

Postby hpdrifter » Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:16 pm

I sold my Mustang and the guy had this wild idea of putting a Ford motor in it, so I have a basement full of BBC, Chevy and other parts and stuff for sale. The dollar amounts shown are what I have in them; but I've learned that it's expensive to change your miind.
Pats are grouped by type or application. At this time I am only willing to sell them as they are grouped. If they don't sell that way I will take them to the Wichita Swap Meet, usually in late January.
If you're interested in one hell of a deal, email me your bid on the group that you're interested in. I've set a percentage of loss that I am willing to take. The first person who crosses that threshold buys it. All parts are FOB Wichita. Cash or Cashiers Check. Not interested in trades. Please don't post a bid here. I will only come back here to mark groups "SOLD"
If you make a bid and don't hear back from me, bid again - a bit higher.


I have probably overlooked items that I have. Unless they were super expensive, I will throw them in with the appropriate group.

My email is:

Thanks for looking.

Engine 496 BBC Complete less Push Rods
Chet Wilson Bore & Complete OEM Block Prep 325
New Jegs Mini Starter 140
Spare Mini Starter 50
ARP Fasteners 80
CSR Electric Water Pump 200
Lokar Dipstick 43
Deep Sump Oil Pan 100
Moroso Oil Pump Pickup 32
Windage Tray 32
ARP Main Studs for Windage Tray 70
Cam Bushing Kit (Installed) 15
Crane Roller Cam Button 10
Cam Lock Plate 5
ARP Oil Pump Stud 5
BBC 8" Timing Pointer 20
CNC'd Edelbrock 454R Intake 195
HVH Super Sucker Carb Spacer 35
Alternator & Press Reg 105
Moroso Alt Drive Mandrel 132
Dart Pro 1 Heads 216cc/310cc/2.30I”I/1.88”E 1570
Dart Cast Valve Covers 100
APR Head Studs 143
Rect Port Victor 454R / 4500 165
Chet Herbert Roller Cam 235
Roller Lifters 225
Complete BBC Gasket Set 86
Jessel Sportsman Rocker Arm System 703
Jessel BBC Belt Drive with Extra Belt 480
Ohio Crankshaft 4340 4.25" Crankshaft 665
Ohio Crankshaft 6.235" Super Duty Rods 305
ARP 2000 Rod Bolts 117
SRP 496 Pistons, ATI Damper,TCI Flexplate 1053
Duan Saum Balance Complete (Internal) 236
East Coast Mini Alternator & Low Bracket 175
1050 HP Dominator 450
PSI Super Bowls (Fuel) 125
Quick Fuel 1050 E85 Conv Kit 300
Quick Fuel 850 DP 275
Quick Fuel 850 HP Body 200
Edlebrock 4150 to 4500 Adapter 54
Moroso Oil Accumulator with Electric Solenoid 350

Total Engine 9281

Core 50
Neal Chance 8" Bolt Together 5000-5500 Conv 500
Ultra Bell Bellhousing 220
TCI P/G Shift Lever 15
Hardened "Turbo Spline" Input Shaft 104
Trans Brake Solenoid 100
Spare Solenoid 100
BTE Deep P/G Pan 85
Steel High Gear Clutch Drum 30
Dual Ring Servo 35
Tailshaft Housing 25
TSR Valve Body Sep Plate 38
Lokar Dipstick 62
Pwr Glide Seals,Gaskets, etc. 110
TSR Trans Brake & Spacer 260
Check Valve 25
1.76:1 Planetary Set 150

Total Transmission 1909

Ignition & Electrical
SHOGUN Mini Alternator 90
SHOGUN Pulley 65
MSD Crank Trigger Distributor 125
Crank Trigger 150
MSD Heli-Coil Wire Set 63
MSD 3000-3800 Even RPM Pills 24
MSD 3100-3900 Odd RPM Pills 27
MSD 4200-5000 Even RPM Pills 27
MSD 5100-5900 Odd RPM Pills 27
MSD 5200-6000 Even RPM Pills 27
MSD 6000 / Even RPM Modules 27
MSD 6100 / Odd RPM Modules 24
MDS Retard Chips 31
Chip Storage Case 29
MSD HEI Style Cap w/Retainer 25
Spark Plug Index Washers 15
Spark Plug Index Tool 11
Bronze Distr Gear 38

Electronics & Ignition Total 937

Odds & Ends
EGT Sensor & Digital Read Out 135
Air Fuel Mix Gage & New Heated Probe 125
Dendenbear Starting Line Controller 75
2 1/2# CO2 Bottle & Regulator with Bracket 135
Dominator Carb Bell 35
4" Magna- Flow Mufflers with turn Downs, etc 150
Pair New M/T Racing Tubes for 28/10.5 Tires 100
NOS Nitrous Controller P/N 15835B 155
4500 Solenoid Brackets 45
Magna Fuel 500 Fuel Pump / 5 Gal Vert Tank 400
Kooks Fox / BBC Headers - Ceramic Coated - NEW 1035
Competition Products Fuel Pressure Regulator 100
1 Gallon Nitrous Enrichment Tank 85
Total 2575

Tools & Equip
Pit Pal Dominator Tool Tray 40
15 PSI Moroso Tire Gage w/ Rubber 40
60 PSI Moroso Tire Gage w/Rubber 40
Moroso valve Spring Checker 60
E-85 Fuel Tester 16

Total 196

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