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April 21, 2011

In sincere effort to make sure everyone involved completely understands our roll in the bracket program we have requested that the agreement be made open for all involved to review.

We want everyone to know that our involvement extends only to the guarantee of the prize money, although we feel as if Paul and Al will do a tremendous job of running and maintaining this series we wish to state that all operations and decisions, other than the ones listed in the contract, are the decisions of the program managers and not All Parts Auto Salvage.

We put forth in the contract the issues we felt were mandatory for our involvement, such as all prize money going back to the races, because we would not be a part of this program unless it was fair to all involved. We assure you that Paul, Al, or All Parts Auto Salvage will in no way benefit from revenue produced by the program.

ORP will be paid rent for the track which is an amount that is way more than fair to the program. The Chance family dropped the rental price to less than 1/3 of the actual operating cost so we could make this happen. All Parts Auto Salvageā€™s involvement in the program is solely an advertising venture in which we hope the local racers and fans will return the support to our locations in Harrison, Branson and Springfield that we have shown this program.


Alton Holsted and Duane Graham

Owners, All Parts Auto Salvage

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