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This past weekend was a rough one... the weather was horrible to us, it rained (poured actually) all around us, but stayed dry on the track.... that kept many of the racers/fans away thinking it rained out.  However, there is a ray of sunshine in all of it!

We had a situation where in the Semi Finals of Pro Mod, Jim Wiens was to race Kayla Morton!  It was set to be a very competitive race, as they both were running good numbers and each pass was getting better!  After both heated the tires in John Force style, they both backed up to "get it on"!  However, as Kayla backed up, there was a puddle on the track where she'd stopped her burn out and a long line of "something" following her car.  Kane shut her off as he should, and the crew found that it was fuel.

When Jim noticed they were pulling the hood off Kayla's car (Kane started the 2 minute count per the rules) he shut his car off, opened the door and said "take your time, I'll wait"!!!!!  The mood on the starting line was unbelievable, it was sincere, it was of comradery and working hand in hand!  One racer showing concern and respect for another!  In a word.... it was OVERWHELMING!!!!  Kayla's crew with the help of others got the problem fixed and there was a race, for the racers, and for the fans!  Jim came out on top, but would have any way (with the respect of so many)!

Jim then proceeded to the finals against John/Kevin's Corvette.  As fate would have it, Jim's car wouldn't fire..... you guessed it, Kevin opened his door and yelled "no problem, I'll wait"!!!  Folks I'm not sure what's happened at ORP, but it's AWESOME!  Jim got it fired, and Kevin won a very good race!  (Footnote: When Jim's car wouldn't fire, guess who was helping him getting it going.... that's right, Kayla!!!!)

I love our racers and fans...... racing as it should be, but not often demonstrated!  What a class group of racers this weekend!  My hat's off to you all!

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