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Each and every Gold Card is different in what it allows the card holder to do. It is explained in detail on the front and / or the back so there will be no confusion. Most Gold Cards are exclusive for a particular event (i.e. Midnight Drags Only) etc. BECAUSE EACH GOLD CARD IS UNIQUE, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CARD PRESENT TO USE IT.... WE CAN'T KEEP TRACK OF WHO HAS ONE AND WHAT RESTRICTIONS ARE ON THAT PARTICULAR CARD OURSELVES! PLEASE UNDERSTAND IT'S YOUR OBLIGATION TO KEEP THE CARD AND NOT LOSE IT, HAVE IT READY AND HAND IT OVER TO THE FRONT GATE TO ALLOW THEM TO KNOW WHAT'S INVOLVED! THE GOLD CARD IS ONLY USABLE WHEN IT'S PRESENTED!

We've had some confusion on this and have gone over it again with our front gate; they will be following the "intent" of the Gold Card down to the instructions written on the front/back of the cards.

Another note we need all racers and fans to adhere to: if you've been given a "free" entry (many radio stations and sponsors have tickets to give away) MAKE SURE to have the ticket in hand, filled out completely along with the "giver" and "recipient" on the back. We can no longer allow entrance to an event on an "Al said" or "Mitch said".... if this takes place please understand (please don't be frustrated, the front gate is simply doing their job) the front gate will require you to purchase the ticket and then ask you to find the person whom promised you free entrance and bring them back to the front gate to acquire a free ticket arm band. THERE WILL BE NO ADMITTANCE WITHOUT EITHER A TICKET OR PURCHASING A TICKET (it's essential that at the end of the evening the arm bands given out match up with the dollars taken in!!!!)

We appreciate each and every racer/fan that supports (those who actually buy a ticket) our race track and want to emphasize that we can't stay in business without your continued support!

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