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Good morning ORP nation. Lets just say track manager Al is one proud Daddy! I wanted to share these pictures from last Saturday's All Parts Auto Salvage Bracket Series Race to prove a point, but first let me say how proud I am and how much fun it was to have all 4 of my kids and their 4 spouses come out and race with us.  Also, thank you to Grandma who babysat the little kids so everyone else could race.  Anyway, the point of the story: We at ORP talk to people all of the time and encourage them to come out and race with us - especially on bracket night.  Take your driver care, and come out and enter into the Trophy class or, now for the ladies, one of the Drag Diva races.  I know that people think they don't have a chance racing with all of the racers where at ORP, and fear keeps them on the sidelines.  Well, to all of you out there in the ORP Nation that would LVOE to try bracket racing but think you can't, here is the proof!  When the dust settled last Saturday night in the Drag Diva class, my daughter, Stephanie, racing her everyday driver Pontiac G8 went 5 rounds to emerge the winner.  the point is not that she won; it is that she has only ever raced one time before in a Diva race last summer.  Second, to further my point, my son-in-law, Pat McKenaney, racing a rental car Malibu went 5 rounds to come out the winner in the Trophy class!  He has NEVER been down a race track until last Saturday night!  This is something that EVERYBODY with a desire and any car CAN DO! So, ORP Nation, come on out, and give this racing thing a try.  It's a great family time that costs very little money, AND I promise that you - just like them - will still be grinning a silly grin on Sunday after the first time you race in a real drag race and win a white time slip!  -Al
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