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Points - Bracket Racing Points

All Parts Auto Salvage Bracket Race Series

All Parts Auto Salvage
2015 Bracket Points Series

Sponsors: All Parts Auto Salvage, Mark Sullens E85 Carburetors, Pure Romance by Bobbie, Sunoco Race Fuels and Brad Penn Oil

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Sunoco Race Fuels
Super Pro
Brad Penn Oil
No Electronics
Brad Penn Oil
Pure Romance by Bobbie
Jr. Dragster
Entry Fee &
Permanent #:
$40 $40 $25 $25
Winner: $400 & Gold Card $400 & Gold Card Gold Card Gold Card
Runner Up: $300 $300

Third Place: $200 $200

Fourth Place: $100 $100

Top 5 Jackets
Top 10 Plaques
Top 5 Jackets
Top 10 Plaques
Top 3 Jackets
Top 5 Plaques
Top 2 Jackets
Top 5 Plaques

Points System

We have 14 races on our 2015 schedule, and we are going to count 11 allowing you to throw your worst 3 races out.

Points will be awarded as follows:

3 points for showing up.
1 point per round won.
1 point extra for a race win.
Tie Breaker will be number of wins followed by number of runner ups.

In order to get your 3 show up points racers must actually buy a tech card and run a legal for the class vehicle in time trials and eliminations. You can not gain show up points with out racing.

You can not gain show up points with out racing.

The date for points series entry with out losing first two races is at the end of the night on April 18 (3rd Points Race).

Once you have started eliminations with a car, you may not change during that event.

Gold cards will be given to the winner in each class of the points series; they can be used at any points races in the same class as issued. Racers winning a Gold Card from the previous year may move up to another class and use their Gold Card for another class so long as they pay any difference in the entry fee.

I would also like to express my thanks to the bracket racer board who sat down and gave their time to put together the format above for this years All Parts Auto Salvage Bracket Series. Good luck to all our racers....I am looking forward to a great season.


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