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Shoot Out Race Results

Results - Shoot Out Race Results

Race results from the May 29th
Mickey Thompson & Speedway Autobody Memorial Day Blast

Photos Courtesy Bobbie Rader


Results - Shoot Out Race Results

Race results from the April 3rd Mickey Thompson Shootout

Yeager Auto Salvage Pro Mod

Ron Muenks - Pro Mod Winner

Winner: Muenks, Ron - CLOAKING
Runner Up: Holsted, Alton - CLOAKING
PDF Round Sheet - Pro Mod Qualifying
PDF Round Sheet - Pro Mod Eliminations

Neal Chance Racing Converters Outlaw 10.5

Winner: Kimmis, Mike - CLOAKING
Runner Up: Gaines, B - CLOAKING
PDF Round Sheet - Outlaw 10.5 Qualifying
PDF Round Sheet - Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations

McCoy Auto Group Pro Street

Winner: Brown, Jason - CLOAKING
Runner Up: Deputy, Brent - CLOAKING
PDF Round Sheet - Pro Street Qualifying
PDF Round Sheet - Pro Street Eliminations

Comp Cams True 10.5

Craig Ondrick - True Ten Five Winner

Winner: Ondrick, Craig - CLOAKING
Runner Up: Davis, Kerry - CLOAKING
PDF Round Sheet - True 10.5 Qualifying
PDF Round Sheet - True 10.5 Eliminations

Speedway Autobody Drag Radial

Roger Gray - Drag Radial Winner

Winner: Gray, Roger - CLOAKING
Runner Up: Surface, Junior - CLOAKING
PDF Round Sheet - Drag Radial Qualifying
PDF Round Sheet - Drag Radial Eliminations

MDSS Trucking Mean Street

Winner: McDaniel, Mike
Runner Up: Sabsoucie, Brent
PDF Round Sheet - Mean Street

6.00 Index

Winner: West, Sonny - CLOAKING
Runner Up: Swanson, A - CLOAKING
PDF Round Sheet - 6.00 Index

6.50 Index

Winner: West, Bob - CLOAKING
Note: Round Results do not show post race disqualification for Sisco.
PDF Round Sheet - 6.50 Index

7.00 Index

Podoll, E - 7.00 Index Winner
Winner: Podoll, E - CLOAKING
Runner Up: Walters, - K CLOAKING
PDF Round Sheet - 7.00 Index

8.00 Index

Mabrier, R - 8.00 Index Winner

Winner: Mabrier, R - CLOAKING
Runner Up: Chandler, T - CLOAKING
PDF Round Sheet - 8.00 Index

Jr. Dragster

Phillips, A - Jr. Dragster Winner

Winner: Phillips, A - 13.15 .6010 13.3042 46.10
Runner Up: Tobnick, K - 9.84 .8331 9.8874 65.40
PDF Round Sheet - Jr Dragsters

Points Have Been Updated

Results - Shoot Out Race Results

Street Machine Shootout Results
September 12th, 2009

Ron Muenks, Pro Mod Winner


Paul Rose Pro Street Winner


Turbo Todd Kitchen, Outlaw 10.5 Winner and Record Holder


Mike Genovese, True Ten Five Winner


Fred Silbernagel, Drag Radial Winner and Record Holder


Art Swanson, 5.70 Index Winner


Sonny West 6.40 Index Winner


Mike Owens, 7.00 Index Winner



All ORP race results are now in PDF format. If you don't have the Adobe PDF reader, you can download one here -



Note: Unfortunately, we were not able to get drivers names entered into the computer at this race so the PDF run sheets are missing that info - we'll try to learn why and how to fix it for the next one, but these results only have the car numbers and no drivers names on them. If we can fix them and update these results we will, if not, we'll try and figure out how to avoid the problem next time. 

Pro Mod Qualifying
Pro Street Qualifying
Outlaw 10.5 Qualifying
True 10.5 Qualifying
Drag Radial Qualifying

Pro Mod Eliminations
Pro Street Eliminations
Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations
True 10.5 Eliminations
Drag Radial Eliminations


Street Machine Shootout Results 9/12/09


Winner-Ron Muenks #501.58714.1561175.99
Runner Up-Rick Farber #5100.47724.2956171.49

Winner-Paul Rose #129.62304.6396153.48
Runner Up- Duane Bryant #S10 .46394.8409146.39
Outlaw 10.5RTETMPH

Winner-Todd Kitchen #4061.53274.6785130.59
Runner Up-Tim Slavens #2000.41797.332135.57
True 10.5RTETMPH

Winner-Mike Genovese #1991.42544.8650151.16
Runner Up-Justin Martin #2003.49044.8566156.47
Drag RadialRTETMPH

Winner - Fred Silbernagel #0770.49055.3250134.49
Runner Up - Stanley Newberry #1983.44775.7896132.78


Street Machine Shootout Qualifying


Qualifying Low ET - Rick Farber #5100 3.9325175.78
Qualifying Top MPH - #738  3.9855189.63
Pro Street ETMPH

Qualifying Low ET- Paul Rose #129 4.6350153.48
Qualifying Top MPH - Duane Bryant #S10  4.7202155.60
Outlaw 10.5 ETMPH

Qualifying Low ET-Todd Kitchen #4061 4.3545169.62
Qualifying Top MPH -Mike Kimmis #3 4.4687175.30
True 10.5 ETMPH

Qualifying Low ET-Justin Martin #2003 4.8196157.73
Qualifying Top MPH - Josh Lindsey #443 4.9446160.71
Drag Radial ETMPH

Qualifying Low ET- #4991 5.2384136.65
Qualifying Top MPH - Fred Silbernagel #0770 5.7896138.29


Street Machine Shootout Low ET and Top MPH of Event


Low ET - Rick Farber #5100 Round 2 Qualifying 3.9325175.78
Top MPH - #738 Round 2 Qualifying 3.9855189.63
Pro Street ETMPH

Low ET- Paul Rose #129 Round 1 Qualifying 4.6350153.48
Top MPH - Duane Bryant #S10 Round 1 Qualifying 4.7202155.60
Outlaw 10.5 ETMPH

Low ET- Todd Kitchen - Round 3 Eliminations 4.3233171.62
Top MPH -Mike Kimmis #3 Round 1 Qualifying 4.4687175.30
True 10.5 ETMPH

Low ET- Justin Martin #2003 during Round 3 Elim. 4.8199157.84
Top MPH - Josh Lindsey #443 during Round 4 Qual. 4.9446160.71
Drag Radial ETMPH

Low ET- Fred Silbernagel #0770 during Round 2 Elim. 5.1964138.25
Top MPH - Fred Silbernagel #0770 during Round 3 Elim. 5.2163138.93




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