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Results - Shoot Out Race Results

Mickey Thompson Shootout Results

October 3rd, 2009

PDF Qualifying and Round Results

Pro Mod Qualifying
Pro Street Qualifying
Outlaw 10.5 Qualifying
True 10.5 Qualifying
Drag Radial Qualifying

Pro Mod Eliminations
Pro Street Eliminations
Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations
True 10.5 Eliminations
Drag Radial Eliminations


All ORP race results are now in PDF format. If you don't have the Adobe PDF reader, you can download one here -



Mickey Thompson Shootout Results 10/3/09


Winner-Ron Muenks .65874.5236123.22
Runner Up-Jr Hocking.39594.3309157.84

Winner-Brent Deputy.81664.6562153.32
Runner Up- Paul Rose.79534.8942151.31
Outlaw 10.5RTETMPH

Winner-Mike Kimmis .43764.5436171.76
Runner Up-Tim Slavens .43994.6991153.22
True 10.5RTETMPH

Winner-Tony Tobnick.43015.2296135.87
Runner Up-Kerry Davis.46775.890893.56
Drag RadialRTETMPH

Winner - Jake Gier.43355.4758130.02
Runner Up - Stanley Newberry .45935.4986134.05


Mickey Thompson Shootout Qualifying 10/3/09


Qualifying Low ET - Ron Muenks 4.0042


Qualifying Top MPH - Ron Muenks 4.0180188.68
Pro Street ETMPH

Qualifying Low ET- Paul Rose 4.5961153.48
Qualifying Top MPH - Paul Rose 4.6405154.22
Outlaw 10.5 ETMPH

Qualifying Low ET-Mike Kimmis 4.4566175.37
Qualifying Top MPH -Mike Kimmis #3 4.4566175.37
True 10.5 ETMPH

Qualifying Low ET- Don Erwin 4.7692150.96
Qualifying Top MPH - Don Erwin 4.7692150.96
Drag Radial ETMPH

Qualifying Low ET- Stanley Newberry 5.3829132.55
Qualifying Top MPH - Stanley Newberry 5.4871132.86


Ron Muenks - Pro Mod Winner

Ron Muenks - Pro Mod Winner


Brent Deputy - Pro Street Winner

Brent Deputy - Pro Street Winner


Mike Kimmis - Outlaw 10.5 Winner

Mike Kimmis - Outlaw 10.5 Winner


Tony Tobnick - True 10.5 Winner

Tony Tobnick - True 10.5 Winner


Jake Gier - Drag Radial Winner
Jake Gier - Drag Radial Winner


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