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Rules - Heads Up Rules

[updated 1/18/12]


  • Engine: Any automotive engine is permitted
  • Exhaust: All automobiles must be equipped with mufflers. Inserts will be allowed.
  • Induction: Any induction setup is permitted. Also, any power adder is allowed.
  • Power Adders: Unlimited!!
  • Engine diaper for oil containment is highly recommended. (added 1/18/12)

Fuel and Fuel Systems

  • Any type of gasoline or alcohol is permitted. (NO Nitromethane)

Frame & Suspension

  • Cars must maintain the factory firewall in factory location. Also, cars must maintain factory stock sub frame, frame or framerails!!
  • Cars are allowed to back-half the rear frame section of the car, and chassis bracing and reinforcing is permitted. Front suspension components may be replaced with after-market bolt-on parts.
  • Rack and pinion allowed on any car.


  • Tires: All cars can run a 10.5" W or smaller slick. They must be labeled from manufacture on sidewall, and may be measured.


  • Cars must have WORKING factory style headlights and taillights.
  • Cars may use fiberglass front clip, doors, decklid and bumpers. No fiberglass bodies.
  • Lexan permitted.
  • Cars will run on a .400 pro tree, for an 1/8th mile.
  • All cars must be able to pass track’s tech inspection - NO EXCEPTIONS. For further car specs, refer to NHRA rules and regulations.

Pit Safety and Parking

The following applies during shootouts and other major events  

  • There will be a charge to park in the pits if not actually towing a race car. There is free parking on the spectator side. We are going to put the $10 into a fund to repave the pits someday. Those who do not wish to pay can park on the spectator side for free. This will also relieve some congestion.
  • We will also have some spots that are designated for 70' + rigs. There will be someone at the track to help position vehicles for maximum effici ency of our limited space.
  • Each Race car will be limited to one golf cart. Any golf cart not associated with a race car will be charged $10. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to operate a golf cart or any other motorized vehicle. This does not count Jr Dragsters while competing or returning to the pits.

Please also read the ORP General Rules which apply to all races.

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