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Cheyenne is home

Postby snedden3 » Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:20 pm

Hey y'all I know Michael did a post earlier but wanted to let everyone know we got home about 6:30 tonight. we stopped in Jeff city to have a late lunch with Kathy Stafford she and Richard have been racing for along while here and it was nice to have someone to catch my breath with after a hard week. It meant so much to me Kathy that you took time to come see us, Cheyenne hasn't put her rabbit down yet she really loves it and has even drawn you a picture. we would have been home this am but Cheyenne decided to pull out her stitches so they had to clean and restitch her leg. I want to say thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support it has meant allot. and they were so happy about all the tabs we took up they said no one had ever made a donation that large in one shot and i said t was from all the race car drivers and they wanted Cheyenne to turn them in for them and the were so thrilled they got a picture of all the 30gallons of tabs so i wanted to let everyone know how great it was and keep collecting those tabs for us. shes having a hard time with her leg tonight so i need to go but we will see you all Saturday as long as the weather is good and she is up to it.
we love you all!
love Beth

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