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To All Racers and Spectators at ORP,
Let me start by saying that I apologize if this message is just to blunt! That is certainly not the intent of this post. We want each and everyone of you to come to the track, be our customer, and enjoy the racing. We APPRECIATE your business!!
Now with that being said, I would like to clear up a couple of issues that seem to arise on race day and create posts on this board like the one from nastynotch dated yesterday. We truly try to keep the most current information available to all of our customers on race day. The track phone (417-738-2222) is always at the front gate with Deb. My phone (417-619-1697) is always in my pocket or on my golf cart. When and if we cancel the racing at ORP, that cancellation is put on the track phone, facebook, and the forum board within minutes of the cancellation. What I am saying in this previous statement is, if you call the phone, look on the board, or pull up facebook and see no new information......WE ARE OPEN AND RACING!!!
PLEASE UNDERSTAND....Deb is at the front gate and very busy selling tech cards and spectator tickets.....she can not answer every phone call on race day....there are hundreds of them. I am prepping the track, running the race, or doing whatever may need to be done on a normal race day. A lot of the time if cars are running or I am on a tractor I can not even hear my phone ring. I can not answer every phone call on race day....there are hundreds of them.
AGAIN....I am not writiing this to anger anyone. I am writing this to inform everyone.
PLEASE...On race day information about cancellations is posted immediatly on the track phone, facebook, and the forum board. I truly understand that NO ONE likes to waste expensive gas driving to a closed track. Please use the policy of "No news is good news...We are racing!!
Thank you for coming out and racing or spectating at ORP...We truly appreciate your business and hope to see you soon! AL

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