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CDRA finals

Postby dart340x » Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:43 pm

Well folks another great year for ORP. Al has done a great job again and the car count shows that. We did not get first place but won the best appearing team and the team spirit award again this year. Speaking of team spirit if anyone deserves that award it would be Kenny McDanials. A better cheer leader I have never met, we are blessed to have him on our team to lead and guide us. Congratulations to Sonny winning No-E and Cory Anderson going to the semi's. Al I have those award just let me know where to bring them. I know I am forgetting something but there are others that can post . Thanks again you are great. Ken Hall and family
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Re: CDRA finals

Postby dragracer468 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:00 am

I agree ken it was a great year the finals were big fun cant wait until next season already
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Re: CDRA finals

Postby Larry Jr. » Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:01 am

Proud to be a racer at orp, and proud to call it home. Adam phillips won best appearing jr dragster, on the t-s race car camp. Kerry wrinke best appearing door car!!! The quality of cars at orp is something to be proud of. Thanks ozark mitch marty and family, all parts auto salvage, eagle machine, yeagers, and all the help from sponsors who made a great year possible, thanks al, ralph, kane for killer weekly prep, looking forward to next year

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Re: CDRA finals

Postby opnwhl23 » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:41 am

Indeed it was a great weekend for Team Ozark!! The A team finished 4th, the B team finished 7th, and the Jr. Dragster team was 3rd. Adam Phillips was named Best Appearing Jr. Dragster. Kerry Wrinkle was named Best Appearing Door Car, and as a group we were named Best Appearing Team. Team Ozark, along with our previously mentioned team cheerleader Kenny McDanial, grabbed the Team Spirit Award, several racers went into the late rounds, Sonny West won No Electronics, and I won the Track Managers Race. We may not have landed the Number 1 spot racing, but you guys sure did take home a box full of pride. I had several other racers/track owners/managers compliment Team Ozark on the unity, sportsmanship, and togetherness that was evident in our pit. I am proud to be able to say I am part of The Ozark Bounty Hunters!
Also, thanks to all of the folks that brought food and desserts to the team feed! I think everyone would agree that Neil Rumstein NEVER gets to miss another team race, but in spite of that, we still had a pretty good time Saturday evening and no one left hungry.
LASTLY, I want to say thank you both personally and collectively, to Alton at All Parts Auto Salvage and Duane at Yeager Auto Salvage for their support of the Bracket Series again this season. Their help is a big part of our series, so BE SURE to support them during this off season and next year with your business. Always tell their counter guys that you came to them because they support ORP Brackets and Jr. Dragsters....and tell your family and friends to do the same!
Next up...Bracket Series Awards Banquet...Stay Tuned!
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Re: CDRA finals

Postby oldtimer » Wed Oct 30, 2013 4:56 pm

Thanks guys i had a lot of fun,probably a better cheerleader than racer.Ozark has some of the best racers around,it is a pleasure to be part of the team.Good food and good friends makes the most fun race of the year.Good job to all the racers you guys ROCK,Sonny seemed to enjoy my little cheer every time,really most of the racers did.Sorry if i missed anyone but it kept me kinda busy going from fence to the return road in time to catch everyone after a win i got help from Don Givens yelling one more win for our team.Al and crew, track has been awesome all year.The team looked good in their matching shirts, thanks sponsors.I am already looking forward to next year,and i haven't even winterized my cars yet.

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Re: CDRA finals

Postby WHALE DRIVER » Sat Nov 02, 2013 6:13 pm

Big congrats to team Ozark!
You know it Took a daughter's wedding to keep
us away. She is our one and only so we will be
there for our team next year. :)
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Re: CDRA finals

Postby onmyway » Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:56 pm

A big thanks to Al and his crew for all that they have done this year to make racing at orp a fun place to be. A big thanks also to the sponsers that make this all possible. I think with this continued effort and commitment next year will be even better.

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