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Cam Degreeing Recommendations

Postby Dr. Chevrolet » Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:10 pm

I'm putting together a fresh 383 sbc with a whole lot of brand new parts and have gotten to the point of assembly. Having never degreed a cam before and it being a radical flat tappet, I'd feel more comfortable letting a professional do it. The guy I was going to take it to just doesn't have time to do public work anymore, so does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations of a place to get it done, and right?
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Re: Cam Degreeing Recommendations

Postby novice » Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:13 am

Eagle Machine, in Buffalo comes highly recommended, even has a motor stand to test fire your motor. Motor Machine, on Commercial St, Springfield, has been churning out hot rod motors for quite a while. I have used both, and have not been disappointed. Maybe someone will chime in and add to the list. I know there are probably thousands of guys in the area that work on small block Chevys. Your cam card, as well as your timing set, will have instructions, but may be hard to understand. If you hang out at the drag strip, you might get some advice on this subject.

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