Racing Parts 4 Sale. Wilwood Canton Thrush. All Like New

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Racing Parts 4 Sale. Wilwood Canton Thrush. All Like New

Postby jonesymo » Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:20 pm

My boyfriend and I have some extra car parts we don't need. We originally bought them for our 65' mustang about a year ago. All parts have been stored in the house. Most things are in the original boxes, with installation instructions and decal stickers. We are located in Seymour, Missouri.

Here is what we have:

Wilwood Combination Remote Master Cylinder 3/4" BORE KIT
We have three available. All in the original boxes.
Precision machined from high strength aluminum, this kit includes both small and large size reservoirs which can be mounted directly on the master cylinder of remotely mounted for more convenient service access. Standard mounting bolt hole configurations provide easy applications for racing and off road vehicles, specialty cars, recreation, and industrial vehicles.
Type: Single Outlet
Material: Aluminum/Plastic
Finish: Bare
Bore Size: 3/4"
Part Number: 260-3374

Link to product:

Canton Oil Pan Gasket
1 available. Fits the oil pan listed.
Part Number: 88-100 - SBC OIL PAN GASKET PRE '85 (88-100)
SBC Pre-’85 Oil Pan Gasket, 1 Piece Design with Steel Bushings in Every Hole.

Link to Product:

[color=#BF0000]Canton Oil Pan
$285 for oil pan, gasket, and pickup
1 available. Fits gasket & pickup listed.
This road race pan is for '80-85 SBC blocks with right side dipstick in '82-'92 F-Bodies. It has a 7-1/2" deep, 12" wide, 8-1/4" long sump for a 6 qt. system capacity. Will work with stock starter. This pan requires one of our pickups.
Item Number: 15-244M
The Pan Features:
������* Triple Trap Door Baffles
������* Crank Scraper
������* Built In Screen Windage Tray
������* 1/2" NPT Temperature Bung
������* Magnetic Drain Plug

Link to product:


1 available. Fits oil pan & gasket listed.
SBC Pickup for 7.5" Deep Drag Race/Road Race Oil Pan with a M-55 or M-55A Standard Volume Oil Pump
Link to product:

Thrush Mufflers
2 Available.
$20 each
Muffler, Thrush Turbo, 2 1/2 in. Inlet/2 1/2 in. Outlet, Steel, Aluminized
More flow than stock.
If you want something better than your slow-flowing OEM muffler, the Thrush Turbos are just what you need. Backpressure is decreased 30 percent over stock, with a deep performance tone under acceleration that quiets down while cruising. For easy installation, the Turbos are reversible, and the inlet/outlet can be expanded to fit your stock pipes.

Case Shape Oval
Inlet Diameter (in) 2.500 in.
Inlet Quantity Single
Inlet Location Offset
Outlet Diameter (in) 2.500 in.
Outlet Quantity Single
Outlet Location Center
Internal Construction Turbo-style
Muffler Material Steel
Muffler Finish Aluminized
Case Length (in) 14.000 in.
Overall Length (in) 18.500 in.
Thickness (in) 4.250 in.
Width (in) 9.750 in.
Outlet Style Standard, without tip

Link to product:

Wilwood Pedal Assembly

1 kit available.
This pedal assembly operates the brakes and the clutch together in one unit and positions the master cylinders outside of the firewall. It features all aluminum frame and arm construction with steel pivots, mounting studs, and anti-skid pedal pads. Wilwood's clevis and pivot pin balance bar provide smooth and accurate settings of the brake pedal bias. It can be set and locked down with the jam nut, or attached to a remote cable for quick on-track adjustments.
Pedal Type: Brake & Clutch Pedal
Mount Location: Swing
Mount Facing: Forward
Balance Bar: Yes Material: Aluminum

Finish:Black E-Coat
Pedal 1 Ratio 6.25 to 1
Pedal 2 Ratio 6.25 to 1
6.25 to 1 6.25 to 1
Pedal 1 Length 11.88
Pedal 2 Length 11.88
Mount Length 12.21

Link to product:

We also have a injection system, Shooter Hydraulic Injecton System.

Email me at or call anytime at (417) 935-4332.
love em mustangs!

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