BBC Bowtie Talldeck Block

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BBC Bowtie Talldeck Block

Postby Rowdenboyz » Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:33 pm

I have a Bowtie block for sale, it needs some pretty extensive machine work to be usable. It cracked between the cylinders like they usually do, and someone put 2 really thick sleeves in it(its really thin now with the sleeves removed)(actually it has 4 sleeves total). I had the sleeves removed to inspect the damage, and it was more than I wanted to fix. The block could be resleeved and filled to the top and probably work fine. It will also need some thread inserts repaired(the holse that are closest to the cylinders. It was clearanced for a 4.5" stroke with aluminum rods, and has a bore of 4.600". Casting Number# 14044807. It has the main caps, but no bolts. I bought it off of ebay and paid way to much. I have $300 in it, and would take $100 firm if someone can use it. I'll keep it for a conversation piece if I can't get that for it. Thanks, Justin


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