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LS Performance Engine Parts

Postby orangebird2 » Sat Jun 19, 2010 8:51 am

Have a 6 litre Truck Steel block w/booth front and back end plates and a Top plate 550.00. Comp Cams Hyd Roller Lifters, used, in good condition 125.00. Comp Cams Push Rods 75.00. Comp Cams Hyd Roller Cam 578 In and Ex 236 In and Ex on 112 CL 275.00. Set of Callies Comstar H-Beam Rods with 2inch Rod Journals, 6.125 length and 927 Pins comes with a stock LS Crankshaft ground for the 2in Rods 500.00 Would make a package deal for everything Call Mike at 417-399-4933 for more Thanks.

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