408w and Extreme AOD. turn key swap.

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408w and Extreme AOD. turn key swap.

Postby good'ole302 » Fri May 03, 2013 11:16 pm

Seriously looking at selling my 408w EFI and Art Carr extreme AOD. Would be selling as darn close to turn-key. 90mm accufab to custom pan, 650 miles on it. Trans was Art Carrs top model, has about 3k miles on it or so. Trans-brake, 4r70 gearset, manual vb, OD on a switch, 3500 converter, hammer shifter. Heck I've even got a new starter.

List of goodies is dang long, I plunked down just over 1950 for the new TFS TW205CNC track heats when it was put together. Greg at Eagle machine in Buffalo, MO went through the motor 650 miles ago. He said give him a call if you have questions/want a reference.

I pulled it out, put a better roller cam in it + link bars, and prepped it for twin turbos. It has the bulkhead AN-10 return fittings in the custom pan (moroso, baffles, fits stock k), just paid for AN-8 bungs in the valve-covers for a separator system. It is ready to rip in NA trim or boosted. 9.6-9.7 compression.

Ran a quick, na, 11.44 @ 116 pass with it and trans at the end of last season in a 3k lb car off the footbrake...that was with the old flat tappet cam. Power was dying on the dyno at 6k with that cam, new cam should wake it up.

I have to say, there are a crapload of details I didn't post. The picture is just a filler, cell phone pic. I've potentially got a molly kmember, full msd ignition, wiring, moates QH tune (keeping chip and software), swap headers...If you want to put it in a mustang, I've got the parts.

$7500 is where I'm at for motor and trans. If you want specifics, I have a lot of them. Call Greg @ 417-345-8532 and he can walk you through what he did. I've got about everything to put this in a fox or 94/95 (mine is a 95). If a serious enough deal...this could probably be swapped as an efi setup into mustangs that don't have SBF based motors (v6 and mod motor cars) as I have the wiring harness and ecu. Motor is ready for a power adder...ie...nitrous, supercharger, turbo(s).

Let me know how I can help.

'95 Mustang GT-408

'95 Mustang GT #2- DD "The Rattletrap"

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