1969 camaro fiberglass and other racing related parts

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1969 camaro fiberglass and other racing related parts

Postby Darryl » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:51 pm

For sale: 1969 HarwoodCamaro fiber
    glass parts:Complete glass front end w/7"Cowl scoop-Already dzus'd on & A round tube Front end chassis stub.Complete w/ Struts & brakes, control arms & steering rack, BBC Front Motor plate NEW , BBC mid plates 2. Steers & stops right now! Plus entire fiberglass front end your getting is already MOUNTED to it........

    NO WORK FOR YOU...its been done...thousands in labor already finished..I am cutting the front chassis Off soon so if you wanna see the brakes work and struts steer you better hurry while the lines are hooked up....Its older but its went deep in the 6's-1/4 mile at 212 mph...
    (twin turbo small block car then with Motec back in the day.)

    Also Glass doors w/ New lexan windows & JBRC window frames

    (We are keeping door handles /hinges and latchs in doors..standard GM stuff easily replaced)-

    Lexan windows already counter sunk & screwed to doors.NEW Rear fiber glass deck lid with Pro Mod wing/ wicker 19" deck attached. Aluminum RON DAVIS RADIATOR. Everything has Dzus springs and holes...Ready for u to paint and rivet large bezel self ejecting dzus's to body parts for holding it together...

    These are race car parts....probably heavy enough for street but originally designed for a 1969 Camaro race car.

    Most of these parts ran 6.60's@ 212 - Ed Thorton former PSCA W/Champion parts.

    2 Fire Proof Deist Safety parachutes w/ only 3 deployments. No BS- 3 - fastest was on a license run at 171 mph...may need new rubber bands if you like to use them YOUR steel shell & U have every glass part & complete front chassis! & dual Pro Mod chutes to stop!!

    WILL NOT accept any offers over the phone or BY EMAIL, WILL NOT. Anything less than asking price must be done in person, not by email or telephone. There is over $2400 just in fiberglass from Harwood plus you have to ship it. Front chassis and struts are several thousands. Motor plates are several hundreds.chutes are over $500 each new.

    These are LIKE NEW and are FIREPROOF covered lines...Smoking deal at $2900. I am not ready to separate. You can do it and get your money back if you want. Its gotta go...If you need these parts you know they are worth every penny we are asking. $2900

    These parts below are separately for sale as well. Just not includex in package above.

    4 link 9 inch Ford Rear end housing that went .60's@ 212 thats been recently updated and CAD plated. NEW 35 Spline Axles, axle bearings, and wheel Studs, And 84 inch Pro Mod style wheelie bars...which you can cut down to what ever size you choose.

    Also a great pair of Dyno Tested Koni Rear Shocks. Steel bodies..Yes, they are older, But you can never where those babies out....they last for ever and I have the dyno sheets on them so it makes them easy to set up...Also come with Springs and an anti Roll bar....these parts are NOT APART OF THE 2900 and will be discussed separately if you are interested and have a need for them. Also have a NEW JAZ SFI approved fuel cell with LARGE fittings and returns and vent fittings already installed..

    Again, NONE OF these parts in this paragraph go with the $2900 parts. These rear end related parts are extra and will cost in addition to the $2900 for the fiberglass body/ Pro Mod wing which can easily be trimmed down to fit another class, along with getting and modifing to your taste the Lexan windows and front chassis with struts and disc brakes (working) and the rest of the package parts. parts.

    Email me for more info or for a # to discuss.
    NO 50 cent on the dollar of asking price offers on these parts.
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    Lamb Struts and Lamb brakes are sold...now $2200

    Postby Darryl » Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:43 am

    What was available in above ad at $2900 with struts and front brakes is now $2200 without both...SOLD

    You can buy new lamb struts & brakes to bolt back on chassis ($5600 w/ control arm kit w new struts/brakes.)

    Also you can directly bolt on Strange "Ultra Struts" and the geometry will still work and you maintain correct bump steer and scrub.
    ($2600-3500 depending on model)

    $2200 for camaro fiberglass body parts and front chassis stub as stated above.
    Can see pics on same sprng craigslist add.

    Contact Darryl
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    SOLD - dual deist fireproof chutes & Lamb struts n brakes

    Postby Darryl » Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:06 pm

    No longer have the like new deist fireproof pro mod chutes for sale
    And the Lamb Struts and brakes are sold as well.

    Still have fiberglass front end with mounts
    Glass doors with windows countersunk and fit
    Glass decklid with pro mod wing

    Lots of other parts for any race car..not just for a camaro.

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