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sbf parts, carbs, and misc for sale

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:27 pm
by bluecoupe
351w G block (4 bolt mains on the centers) fresh 4.185 bore, cleveland mains, 9.2 deck. Short filled and setup for wetsump and external pump. $650

bryant 3.45 crank. Cleveland mains and 2.1 pins. $650

Hogan sheetmetal intake for C3 heads. Fits 9.2 deck and with spacers it will fit 9.5 deck. Drilled and tapped for 2 foggers. I have 3 hats for it ( 2-4500's, 2-4150's, and 1-4150) Has wilson burst panels too. $900

stefs aluminum oil pan. 351w rear sump. Not a show piece, but it holds oil. $200

2 prosystems 1050 dominators with build sheets. $600 each

Chance 8" nitrous converter with billet stator. 6800 stall. 15 passes with new stator. 25 passes total. $650

Peterson 3 stage drysump pump. $750

If you are interested in the intake and carbs I will include throttle linkage and 2 wilson shear plates.

You can reach me at 417-880-3569