Blown Alcohol Top Dragster and 28ft Enclosed Trailer

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Blown Alcohol Top Dragster and 28ft Enclosed Trailer

Postby alloutvega » Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:21 pm

I received this in a trade and I know very little about the dragster (or any dragster) but here is what I do know

240" Top Dragster hardtail
Was NHRA certified to 6.00 (will need new certification)
Weld Alumastars front and rear
Aerospace aluminum housing with floating rear axles with Aerospace Brakes
Setup for BBC with engine plates
Shorty Glide
It is a roller comes rear, and powerglide w/convertor
Dan Olsen Headers
Single wheelie bar
extra set of goodyears
The pro wing
Digital delay box
I am unsure of who made the chassis or year of the chassis
Was told it was a 220+ MPH with blown bbc
Everything is there just add your engine

I guess the original owner's last name was Bateson and owned this and a blown drag boat. He had a roofing company in Kansas/Oklahoma area and fell through a roof and did not survive. A friend of the family or aquantince bought the car from his widow as a favor and knew nothing about the car. The person I got the car from bought it from this person for the engine and now I have it.
That is about all I know of the car. Someone on here may be familiar with the car and if so feel free to share any knowledge you may have of it. The trailer is a 2001 Vintage 28ft enclosed with winch, toolboxes, air compressor, electric load leveler, lights, and cabinets. It also has dual 5200lbs axles and is excellent like new condition. Asking 22,500 for everything. Right now I will not sell the trailer by itself. It is a package deal. IF someone wants just the dragster I will seperate but will not sell the trailer till dragster is sold. I also have a matching color JR dragster with two engines and everything to go with it. The new engine has never been fired and has a high dollar carb new carb custom built for it as well. Again I dont know anything about this one either but It is all best of the best stuff with lots of extras. Iwill take 6500 for the JR and everything that goes with it or 27,500 for everything. Everything is in Buffalo and I can be seen anytime just give me a call. 417-733-4021 or 417-345-8532.



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