New Ozark Raceway Park Track Upgrades for 2016


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We’re excited to notify the ORP Nation about the huge track upgrade projects we’ve been doing this year…

  • Fresh concrete from the 60′ to the 260′ WITH drainage tiles!
  • Fresh catch nets, bails and sand box for safer emergency shutdown.
  • 1000′ of fresh new asphalt in the shutdown to get rid of potholes and dips.
  • Larger turn off area for cars to pull to the side with chutes.
  • All bad spots on return road with lots of smooth fresh asphalt

Our sincere thanks go to Blevins Asphalt and crew, Vaughn Trucking, Stanley Newberry Sr. and the T&S Crew, Bob and MJ from Stroud Safety, Brent Deputy and the D&D Concrete Crew, ACI Concrete Placement, Casey Campbell, and anyone else who has helped that I have not mentioned here because I KNOW I have forgotten someone. Also sincere thanks to the folks who have helped out with the financing of these projects… we are forever grateful to you all and your love of drag racing to walk alongside and help make EVERYBODY’S TRACK a better safer place to race. THANK YOU!