Paul Cooper Super Pro Winner

All Parts Auto Salvage Bracket Points Series Race Results 6/20/15

Race Result Run Sheets (PDF Format)Super Pro No Electronics Russelville Eliminators Trophy Jr. DragsterWinners CircleP. Cooper - Super Pro WinnerD. Hunt - No E WinnerD. Volkart - Russellville EliminatorsJ. McKague - Trophy WinnerA....
Pro Street Winner Brent Deputy at Mickey Thompson Bash in the Backwoods

Mickey Thompson Bash in the Backwoods Race Results 6/6/15

Run SheetsFuel Altered Pro Mod Pro Street True 10.5 Drag Radial Midwest 8.5 Pro Tree No Box Jr. DragsterJon Stouffer Pro Mod Winner (no picture) Jason Collins Midwest 8.5 Winner (no picture)

N/T Grudge Racing

Who has the Fastest Street Car in Missouri?Are you on the "List"?If you're fast.....and not on the list....then show up! Everyone gets a shot.......reputation won't get you on the...

Good Eatin’ at ORP

Hey ORP Nation.....did you know we have 3 full time professional chef's now running our concession stand?!?! Making their own items with a full Mexican menu and cut the...