Ozark Raceway Park
Where the Earth Shakes, Rattles and Rolls
8529 State Hwy U, Rogersville, Missouri


Drag Radial Rules

Updated 1/8/15

Changes highlighted in Yellow

Please also read the ORP General Rules which apply to all races conducted at Ozark. For Non-ORP races, the sanctioning body rules of the track the event is being held at apply.


  • Any automotive engine is permitted, OEM bore space blocks only.
  • Exhaust: Mufflers required on all combinations except turbos. Exhaust exiting ahead of
    front tires allowed, but must not affect timing or staging beams. No Zoomies.
  • Fuel: Cars must run on Gasoline, Ethanol (E85/E98) or Alcohol.
  • Induction: Drag Radial Cars are allowed the use of ONE power adder. Example: 1 Blower, 1 Turbo, Single Stage N.O.S. System (Exception- Small Blocks can run multiple stage Nitrous)
  • Maximum Turbo Size: 88mm (adapter horns are acceptable) Must pass go/no go gauge
  • Maximum Procharger Size: F-1R or comparable. F2 legal with 3.875 inlet reducer, mounted no further away than the original inlet flange. F2R & F1X is not legal!
  • Engine diaper or NHRA-accepted belly pan for oil containment required.

Frame & Suspension:

  • Cars must maintain the factory frame. Frame rails must be located in factory position.
  • Chassis bracing and reinforcing is permitted.
  • Ladder Bars permitted.
  • Factory four links are acceptable. Aftermarket four links are illegal!
  • Minor frame notching will be allowed.
  • Any bolt on K-Member or front sub-frame allowed with original suspension mounting points.
  • Front frame rails must be in original OEM location.
  • Front suspension components may be replaced with after-market bolt-on parts.


  • Base Weight: 3000 lbs, Small Block NOS 2600 lbs


  • Commercially available “Name Brand” drag radial tire factory labeled 315/60R15 (or smaller) or a True 10.5 x 28 slick.


  • The cars should have stock appearing interiors.
  • Cars must have WORKING headlights and tail lights.
  • Cars must have coolant overflow tank and secured battery mounts mandatory.
  • Rules subject to review at anytime. Competitors will have a 30 day compliance period should there be any new rules.
  • Fiberglass hoods, fenders, bumpers, doors and deck lids will be the only fiberglass body parts allowed.
  • Lexan windows allowed, must maintain factory appearance.
  • Cars will run on a .400 pro tree, for an 1/8th mile.
  • All cars must be able to pass track’s tech inspection – NO EXCEPTIONS.