Pro Street Rules

Published 9/12/18 – Changes Highlighted in Yellow

Please also read the ORP General Rules which apply to all races conducted at Ozark. For Non-ORP races, the sanctioning body rules of the track the event is being held at apply.

Engine & Drivetrain:

  • Any power adder acceptable.
  • Must run a collector style header. (no zoomies)
  • Any motor combination acceptable.
  • Engine diaper for oil containment is required.

Weight Requirements:

Base Weight 2800

  • Deduct 200 lbs for Nitrous Oxide
  • Deduct 200 lbs for Small Blocks
  • Deduct 400 lbs for Naturally Aspirated
  • Add 200 lbs. for Twins, Screws, and 5″ and bigger bore space blocks

These weight breaks are to be compounded or added together.(i.e. A naturally aspirated small block gets a 200 lb break for being a small block plus a 400lb break for being naturally aspirated meaning it can run at 2200 lbs.
More examples –

4.84 Bore Space Big Block Chevy on Nitrous 2600 lbs.
Twin Turbo Small Block 2800 lbs.
Twin Turbo Big Block 3000 lbs.
5″+ bore space Big Block with Screw Blower 3000 lbs.

Weight Rule

  • Cars racing in a class with weight restrictions must weigh each pass in qualifying and eliminations. Failure to weigh is a disqualification for that round. There is a zero tolerance policy on weights, you must weigh at least your minimum class weight or more.
  • If the winning car does not make weight and the red-light car does make weight, then the red-light car will be the winner.
  • Any questionable situations in regards to weighing process will be resolved by the Race Director and will be final.

Body & Suspension:

  • Funny car or one piece bodies not allowed even if equipped with doors.
  • Maximum front end overhang of 45” as measured from centerline of front spindle.
  • An approved extension may be used to reach 45” if the front end overhang of the body is less than 45”.
  • Doors required! Doors must be functional and able to be opened from both the inside and outside of the vehicle.


  • Cars will run on a .400 pro tree, for an 1/8th mile.
  • All cars must be able to pass track’s tech inspection – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • To maintain the “Spirit of the class” any vehicle to enter the class must be true to the intent and nature of the class. For example, You may not enter your Tow Vehicle, Honda Prius, Smart Car etc. in this class to maintain points if the race car is broke. Any “Fill-In” or “Cross-Over” car that does not typically race this class that wishes to participate, must first meet class rules and must be cleared by the race director before entering the class.