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Schedule for March 3rd

March 3rd Opening Day

Garden of Eden Test n’ Tune

Opening Day is less than a week away for those of you that haven’t been paying attention and as of right now, the weather seems to look good. Maybe we can come up with some exciting surprise for March 3rd?

Schedule for March 3rd

  • Gates open at 11 am
  • Racing starts at 1 pm
  • Car and Driver cost $20
  • Spectators cost $10
  • As Always: Kids 12 and under are FREE at ORP!

Remember the ORP GOLDEN RULE…..No News is Good News; If you haven’t seen a cancellation, then WE ARE RACING!

RACERS – we want to refresh everyone with our basic safety. As we do before every season.We want to inform folks what we will be teaching for in the lanes.

  • Secured battery.
  • Throttle return Springs must have (2) springs.
  • Overflow catch can for the radiator.
  • All trailered race cars must have antifreeze/coolant drained and must run straight water. No exceptions.
  • Transmission cooler lines if rubber must be double clamped at the cooler.
  • All wheel lug nuts must be installed.
  • Belts /harnesses must be worn.

Guys, these are basic safety checks in the tech Lane. If you need to get these safety items check out Heddens Automotive 866_3451 also Greg at Eagle machine 345-8532 can get you fixed up. We encourage all racers to refer to our web site and click on safety rules if you have any questions.

We don’t want to bounce any racer but just be aware that these basic items will be checked. Also motorcycle riders. Please make sure you have helmets/gloves and appropriate jackets to race. Let’s all have fun and and make opening weekend a great one!

Coming Soon
3/3 Opening Day Garden of Eden Test n’ Tune
3/10 Garden of Eden Test n’ Tune
3/17 Garden of Eden Test n’ Tune Plus Bracket Gamblers Warmup Race
3/18 ORP Spring Sunday Funday