Race Details Pending

2019’s first Shoot Out of the season!

Lee and the boys are bringing a pair of Top Fuel Blown Nitro Altered to run side by side!

Nitro Mike and his Wheel Standing PT Cruiser will be running the length of the track on the back tires with flames out the pipes! Your kids won’t want to miss this!

Pro Mods: Bad Boys of the Outlaw World, big blowers and big tires!

Pro Street: Big Blower cars with more horsepower than car!

X275: These cars are making Pro Mod power with a little tiny tire…keeping it between the lines is TOUGH!

MW8.5: Little tire, lots of power! Plus Late Model EFI and Grudge Classes

Much much more!

Special Guests Nitro Mike and his Record Holding PT Cruiser Wheelstander plus Lee Lovel’s Nitro Burning Fuel Altered.

Friday Schedule

  • Spectator Gates open at 5 pm
  • Racing Starts at 6 pm
  • Spectator Entry $15 or $30 for 2 Day Pass
  • Kids 12 and under Free

Saturday Schedule

  • Spectator Gates open at 10 am
  • Racing Starts at 2 pm
  • Spectator Entry $20
  • Kids 12 & Under Free

Racer Info

Class Rules –  Pro Mod, Pro StreetX275, MW8.5Grudge, Late Model EFI,  and Pro Tree No Box.

Run Order


Class Entry & Payouts


McCoy Auto Group
Pro Mod
Rad Lifts
Pro Street
Reliable Chevrolet






Induction Solutions
Midwest 8.5
Late Model EFI Grudge


80% payback
$60 entry
100% payback for entry
150% payback on 16 cars
$30 tech card
$100 entry

Neal Chance
Mean Street
Horton Racing
Pro Tree No Box
T&S Racing
Pro Tree Jr.