Shootout Points Series

[updated 5/31/19] (Change highlighted)

Points Rules

  • Racers are automatically entered in the point series for the season
  • You must run the same car number in each points race. Car numbers are how we keep track of who has earned how many points. If you don’t have the same car number you signed up with, you won’t get the points. If you have to change car numbers, for example there are more than one car at the event with the same number, please see the race director. If you do not have a permanent number one will be assigned to you.
  • Once you have started eliminations with a car, you may not change during that event

Note: Pro Tree No Box and Jr. Dragsters both use the Bracket Points System.

How Points are awarded:

  • 5 Points for tech card purchase and ready for qualifying
  • 1 points for each round win
  • 2 points Total for Final Round win (includes the 1 point round win).
  • 2 points for ET record
  • 2 points for MPH record
  • 1 point for each completed pass during qualifying (this point will not be given if the qualifying session is interrupted and not completed)
  • 5 points for #1 qualifier for the weekend
  • 4 points for #2 qualifier for the weekend
  • 3 points for #3 qualifier for the weekend
  • 2 points for #4 qualifier for the weekend
  • 1 point for #5 qualifier for the weekend
  • 10 points for making all 5 races
  • Street Machine Shoot Out points are awarded after being multiplied by 1.5