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Mean Street Rules

  • Ozark General Rules Apply


    Must have Plates and Current Registration

  • Must Drive to the Staging Lanes

  • Water Burnout Only

  • Heads Up Instant Green Tree

  • No Scoreboards

  • Must Drive back to your Trailer

  • Must have Charging System

  • Must have Radiator and Cooling System

  • Must Have Engine Diaper

  • 6.50 ET Maximum

  • To maintain the “Spirit of the class” any vehicle to enter the class must be true to the intent and nature of the class. For example, You may not enter your Tow Vehicle, Honda Prius, Smart Car etc. in this class to maintain points if the race car is broke. Any “Fill-In” or “Cross-Over” car that does not typically race this class that wishes to participate, must first meet class rules and must be cleared by the race director before entering the class.

Ozark Raceway Park
8529 State Highway U
Rogersville, MO 65742



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