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Truck Class Rules

All shootouts will feature a heads up class for trucks & SUV’s with a season points champion. Sorry, no “crucks.” In an effort to include everyone possible we’ve made the rules as simple as possible based on engine/tire size and power adders by weight as follows:

SB/ST/NA 2400
BB/ST/NA 2650
SB/BT/NA 2450
BB/BT/NA 2800
SB/ST/N20 2850
BB/ST/N20 3150
SB/BT/N2O 3200
BB/BT/N20 3450
SB/ST/BST 3400
BB/ST/BST 3500
SB/BT/BST 3450
BB/BT/BST 3650

BST = Boosted (Any)
ST = 28/275 or Smaller
Wheelie bars allowed

(We reserve the right to change the rules to promote class parity

Ozark Raceway Park
8529 State Highway U
Rogersville, MO 65742



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