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Pro Tree No Box Rules

ORP Runs a Pro Tree No Box class at our Shootout Races for something a little different for our Bracket Racers that want to join in on the fun.

ORP General Rules apply, as do the following;

  1. .400 Pro Tree Eighth Mile Dial In Style Racing

  2. Cars must run 9.99 or quicker.

  3. Trans Brakes are allowed

  4. Delay Boxes MUST be removed from the vehicle!

  5. Air of Electric Shifter are allowed

  6. Deep Staging is allowed. If a driver is going to deep stage, the word “DEEP” must be written on the windshield and both sides of the vehicle so it is visible to the tower, starter, and your opponent. Because this is a manually started race, (Auto Start is turned off) you MUST deep stage if you have “DEEP” on your vehicle.

  7. Engine Diaper or NHRA accepted belly pan for oil containment required.


Ozark Raceway Park
8529 State Highway U
Rogersville, MO 65742


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