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Street Fighter Rules

Entry is $50 per car, with 100% payout split 75% to A field winner, 25% to B field winner.

ORP’s FRIDAY NIGHT STREET FIGHT Rules & Procedures 2023
CLASS DESCRIPTION: This is a No Time, Heads Up, Instant GREEN, shootout, ran on the 1/8th mile, for points. This class is exclusively for street legal vehicles which must be able to possibly “Hot Lap/Round Robin”.
SHOOTOUT: All shootout competitors must meet all the rules stated.
After shakedown runs the vehicles will be separated into 2 classes. Since this is a N/T event, the tower will identify the “Top 10” cars for that night. No times will be posted or disclosed and only the tower will have this data. The remaining vehicles not identified as the “Top 10” will be run in a separate bracket.
The classes will be paired randomly in the staging lanes with a deck of cards, where drivers will draw for their pairings. Before drawings start for 1st round, drivers in their respective brackets may call each other out for 1st round and if the challenges are accepted, they will be left out of the drawing for 1st round.
The “Top 10” (Street Fighter) and bottom bracket (Street Warrior) will compete for points and a winner for each race night. The winners in the Top 10 Street Fighter class as well as the Street Warrior class will accumulate points equally, allowing for 1 winner in both brackets each race night.
Crossing the centerline, hitting a cone, hitting the wall or a red light will all be considered a loss.
ALL cars must be driven to the staging lanes and from the end of the run to the pits. Towing from end of run to the pits or to staging lanes from pits is grounds for disqualification, excluding break downs, break downs will be verified. If you break during a run, including the burnout, it will be considered a loss.
SAFETY: Must pass ORP Safety tech for ET and Speed based on 1/8th mile standards.
FUEL: Pump gas fuels and Ethanol only. Alcohol and Methanol is prohibited.
BODY RULES: OEM steel (fiberglass/composite if OEM equipped/option) body shell required. Stock fire wall in stock location. The only permitted lightweight components are hood, bumpers, operational deck lid and/or hatch. Forward facing scoops are allowed but must be no taller than 4 inches from the hood at the opening of the scoop. All OEM style scoops are allowed. All OEM safety glass windows or Optic Armor (NO Lexan) required and must be functional unless in pickup application for rear down bars on roll cage. Side panel windows, 1⁄4 windows, “A” pillar windows, etc., may be made of aftermarket materials.
INTERIOR: Stock appearing dash and finished interior mandatory including front seats for driver and passenger, carpet throughout as well as door panels (To the “B” pillar). Both seats must be usable (Nothing mounted or occupying the passenger seat) and upholstered (can be just a seat cover).
CHASSIS & SUSPENSION CHASSIS/FRAME: Full tube-type chassis vehicles prohibited.
FRONT SUSPENSION: Stock-type front suspension or stock bolt-in-type replacement front suspension required. Tubular front suspension components permitted. OEM Type Coil-over shocks/struts are permitted. Tubular bolt-in front K-members and A-arm kits are permitted. Aftermarket tubular front clips permitted.
REAR SUSPENSION: All rear suspension types including back half permitted.
STREET EQUIPMENT: To compete, all vehicles and/or drivers are required the following:
1. Valid driver’s license
2. Valid vehicle registration
3. Valid license plate(s). Dealer/Temp plates prohibited 4. Factory VIN plate must be visible in stock location
5. Vehicle must have operational street equipment including: working headlights, taillights, brake lights, windows.
EXHAUST SYSTEM: An Exhaust system with mufflers is required, except turbo cars (turbo is the muffler). Fender/bumper/hood exits allowed but cannot protrude more than 4 inches. Bullhorns and “Zoomies” are prohibited
ENGINE: All factory engines or small block motors allowed. Big Block are limited to a cast OEM block. No big block twin turbo.
POWER ADDERS: V8 & Up – Single power adders are permitted (Single power adder examples: single or multiple turbos, single or multiple stages of nitrous. You can NOT mix power adders example: single turbo & nitrous, multiple turbos & nitrous are not permitted) Vehicles running multiple turbos are limited to 76mm. Vehicles running a single turbo are limited to 98mm. No limit on blower size.
Motors smaller than V8 can run any power adder combination.
TRANSMISSION: Any OEM production style manual or automatic transmission is permitted. Aftermarket “clutchless” or “planetary” transmission prohibited. Air or Electric shifters and transbrakes are allowed.
DRIVE TIRES – FRONT & REAR: 275 tire on 15” Tall/Diameter rim or smaller. 315 tire on rims 16” Tall/Diameter & over. 28 x 10.5 Slick or smaller No W
WHEELS: Spindle-mount front wheels prohibited.
PROTEST/ROAD TRIP: If you feel that a competitor is not a true “street” car you may challenge them to a road trip for 1st round. The road trip challenge must go through the race director and be announced at the drivers meeting at time of 1st Round. Both vehicles will then be required to make the road trip and race each other for 1st round. The road trip will start from the rear of the staging lanes to the “Hot Spot” convenience store and back to the lanes (15 miles). Once the road trip is completed, the racers will be required to shut the car off and have 60 seconds to re-start the car again, under its own power, by the driver, from inside the vehicle, without assistance. Then both racers will be directed to suit up and race each other for 1st round. If you refuse to take the road trip, you break or cannot complete the road trip you will be disqualified, and no longer be able to compete for the remainder of that event. Failures include mechanical failures, running out of fuel, or being pulled over by police.
A racer that is challenged to a protest road trip may switch from a “non- DOT” tire to a “road approved” DOT tire for the protest road trip. Driver must be able to switch tires and conduct the road trip in a timely manner (i.e.: have them readily available/on hand and mounted on rims). This change must be pre-approved by the Race Director and is subject to change without notice.
There is a $100.00 protest fee to force a competitor to complete the road trip. If the protested driver successfully completes the road trip, he/she keeps the money. If the driver fails to complete the road trip, the protest fee returns to the driver who initiated the protest.
POINTS SYSTEM : Points members will receive 20 points once their car is teched in and they have run first round (the purchase of a tech card without the car present to receive the 20 attendance points is prohibited).
Thereafter, each round won will grant 10 additional points, and a bonus of 1 point for class win. In a 6-round race, for example, 1st round losers receive 20 points, 2nd round losers 30 points, 3rd round losers 40 points, 4th round losers 50 points, 5th round losers 60 points, runner-up 70 points and winner 81 points. In the event of breakage prior to first round, you can receive a credit (no points will be earned). You may also waive the credit and receive 20 points. If you cannot run and wish to receive the 20 breakage points, you must notify Race Control before the tower closes that night. Points are tracked by car number; therefore, you must run the same car number each race to accrue points.
At the completion of the season, the driver who has accumulated the most points will be crowned the ORP Top 10 List champion and will be presented with a championship belt and any money donated by sponsors.
TIE BREAKERS: To eliminate the need for runoffs between racers that are tied in the final points, tie breakers will be used to determine higher position. This system will ensure that the class has a definitive Top 10 with no ties in points at the end of the year. When tie breakers are used, any drivers tied will be sorted in tie-breaker order, and those drivers will have a “TB” listed after their points.
1st – Driver with the MOST POINTS RACES WON during the current season
2nd- Driver with the MOST POINTS RACE RUNNER-UPS during the current season
3rd – Driver with the MOST SEMI-FINAL ROUND APPEARANCES in points races during the current season
Note: This set of class rules is presented to all competitors under the assumption that any modifications not specifically written within these rules shall be deemed illegal unless the competitor has the expressed consent from the Race Director.
Event Director Decisions: Every effort has been made by ORP to promote fair and honest racing for all participants. Event Director may waive, amend, or modify any rule at any time for any single occurrence, for any good cause to maintain the spirit of the program. The Event Director’s decision is final and entry in the competition is acknowledgment that the participant accepts this ruling without recourse.
This class will run on the 7 Friday night dates posted on the schedule. March 31, May 5, June 2, July 7, August 4, Sept 1, Oct 6 as well as all shootouts for a total of 12 races. Normal test & tune will run until 9pm at which time the Street Fighters will be called to the lanes. There will be open grudge, and cash jackpot races after the Street Fighter Class. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time for the benefit of the series.

Ozark Raceway Park
8529 State Highway U
Rogersville, MO 65742



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