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Motorcycle & ATV Rules

These rules apply to Motorcycles, ATV’s and other similar vehicles where the rider is in a  “open” environment.

Jacket, gloves, leather shoes or boots covering ankles, DOT full face helmet w/ Shield.
Modular helmets not permitted above 100 mph.

Full Leathers

  • 6.50 ET and/or 90mph in 1/8 mile – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • 6.10 ET and/or 115mph on 1/8 mile – REQUIRED


  • Tip over switch or deadman switch.

  • Taillight mandatory/ headlight recommended.

  • Chain guard mandatory, must cover from center of front sprocket to center of rear sprocket.

  • Front and rear brakes mandatory.

  • Snap back throttle mandatory.

  • Motorcycle only – no scooters, pit bikes. No Ruckus, Grom, etc.

  • 2″ minimum ground clearance.

  • 1 1/2″ minimum front suspension travel.

  • Any bike equipped with a power adder must have a working tethered kill switch.

Ozark Raceway Park
8529 State Highway U
Rogersville, MO 65742



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