Ozark Raceway Park
Where the Earth Shakes, Rattles and Rolls
8529 State Hwy U, Rogersville, Missouri

Rules for 417Racing.com / Cambridge Motorsports Street Car Shoot Out

Last Updated 4/13/16

  1. The intent of this class is to race real street cars, not street driven race cars with license plates.
  2. ORP general safety rules must be followed and proper driver equipment for speed and ET worn on all runs.
  3. All vehicles must have current tags (NO Dealer Tags) and current proof of insurance.
  4. This event will be run on an 1/8 mile track.
  5. This will be a season long points series, contested monthly during the 417Racing.com / Cambridge Motorsports Midnight Drags. There will be a “winner” and a “runner up” at the end of each evening of racing, as well as an end of season points champion crowned at the ORP Racer Banquet in November.
  6. This event will be run on a .400 pro tree.
    There will be no scoreboard displays of ET and MPH.
    Time slips will be cut in half, drivers will only receive their half
  7. Anyone can join the action at any scheduled race. You will automatically earn points at any race you attend with your registered vehicle.
  8. All cars need to retain OEM floor pans, firewall, and frames/frame rails.
  9. All cars need to retain a somewhat stock appearing interior.
  10. Suspension modifications are allowed but NO back half or full tube chassis.
  11. All vehicles must have mufflers/exhaust dumps routed under the floor pan. Fender exits only allowed on turbo cars. No exhaust exits through the hood or other front end body parts.
  12. Any type of rear tires may be used, BUT, they must be installed on the drive axles of the vehicle prior to the street driving portion of the event.
  13. All vehicles must be able to drive from the ORP staging lanes to Hwy 60 and back with no stops or cool downs.
    All vehicles must return DIRECTLY to the staging lanes upon return to ORP.
    Minimum cool down and refuel time will be allowed in staging before racing begins.
  14. All electronic tuning aids and laptop computers must be unhooked and stored before making a pass down the track.
  15. 1st round will be random pairing by draw. 2nd round will be random pairing by draw as well, BUT 1st round winners will draw together and 1st round losers will draw together. Single eliminations on each side of the ladder starting in the second round with one vehicle from each side of the ladder meeting for the final.
  16. Points for each race night will be awarded as follows:
    3 points for making the street drive and being in the lanes ready to run 1st round.
    1point for each round win.
    1 point extra for being runner up.
    1 point extra for being the winner.
  17. These rules can be amended at any time by the race director.